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The mission of Urban Corps of San Diego County Charter School, through classroom and field experience, is to transform lives by developing literate, educated lifelong learners and achievers who understand their social and political culture; use mathematics, scientific methods and critical thinking skills to problem solve, develop positive values and make significant contributions to society. 


Our educational vision is bold and far-reaching, yet practical. We develop literate, educated thinkers and achievers who understand their political and social culture; can use mathematics and scientific methods to solve daily problems; contribute to society, and develop positive values.


Students are highly engaged with technology and computer literacy, while simultaneously mastering the California State Content Standards under the supervision and direction of credentialed teaching staff.


The classroom environment couples hands-on vocational skills training and provides the participants a unique learning environment that enables them to progress fluidly and demonstrate competency in the below growth areas.



School Wide Learner Outcomes (SWLO)


School Wide Learner Outcomes (SWLOs) are the critical elements that every UCCS graduate

will possess.  In order to ensure students gain these skills, we must have a method by which to

measure them (measurable outcomes), and incorporate those skills in daily instruction and learning.


Urban Corps Charter School graduates will be:


Effective Communicators who:

  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills through the use of academic language at school, with peers, and in the community.

  • Listen with understanding and interpret effectively.

  • Collaborate, produce, and manage interpersonal relationships within diverse groups and settings.


Critical Thinkers who:

  • Apply, analyze, identify, synthesize and evaluate information and experiences.

  • Connect the skills and content learned across the curriculum and evaluate multiple points of view.

  • Use the Inquiry Process to address a problem, hypothesize, analyze, and draw conclusions as they investigate an issue/problem.

  • Utilize Problem-solving techniques during conflict resolution and to make compromises.


21st Century Scholars who:

  • Use technology effectively to access, organize, research and present information.

  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate technology as an effective tool in their daily lives.

  • Have developed an academic plan with goals to guide them in their pursuit towards a college degree and/or career choices.


Socially Responsible Global Citizens who:

  • Embrace and respect cultural diversity through the understanding of our global society.

  • Will contribute to the improvement of their school and local community by maximizing learning and creating future educational goals.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of proper nutrition, exercise and physical health and its impact on daily life.

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