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Vocational English as a 2nd Language   


Urban Corps Charter School now offers Vocational English as a Second Language (VESL) courses for students on theri work days. UCCS students are registered, assessed, and placed within the appropriate course levels, which are based on state and industry standards 

This class was created so that our English Learners (EL) population can participate in daily instruction of the English language. English acquisition is the number one barrier for our EL in terms of completing their HS Diploma and developing the necessary job skills to be successful in the field.  Research has proven that EL cannot develop these skills without daily practice.  In order to provide the necessary support in the field, and get them to graduation as soon as possible, this class focuses on work- related language skills. 




Urban Corps’ VESL course is designed to develop basic and content skills related to the world of work: speaking, listening, reading, writing, arithmetic, problem solving, critical thinking, interpersonal relations, career planning and advancement, and cross-cultural understanding.

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