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Corpsmember Advisory Board (CAB)

Looking to make a difference? Do you want your voice to be heard? Want to have leadership experience to add to your resume? Join CAB! CAB stands for the Corps Member Advisory Board. This group of student leaders contains Corps Members than have demonstrated excellent responsibility and a commitment to the CORPS values. 


The Corpsmember Advisory Board provides Corpsmembers with self-government and facilitates reconciliation techniques, communication skills, problem-solving and appropriate self-expression. CAB allows students to provide an avenue of communication between corps members, staff, and administration. Corpsmembers take an active, civic role in their school and community, and are familiar with government and litigation processes.


CAB advocates networking, research, and information resources while learning how to become more effective, ethical, and influential leaders. They create and implement projects that are meant to better the school community. These projects have included:

  • Voter Registration Drives

  • Peer tutoring

  • Creating a schoolwide satisfaction survey and presenting results

  • Creating school-wide community-building events

  • Giving tours for the new student orientation

  • Creating videos and social media advertisements for Urban Corps

  • Providing feedback on school policies to the executive team


For more information:

Justin Young

Social Studies and CAB Instructor


(left to right)

Damares Costello: The positive change I want to make at Urban Corps is that I would like to give teachers and supervisors more of an idea of how students are really feeling. It can benefit students and teachers by giving very honest feedback.


Vanesa Corona: A good leader motivates and encourages people to make it to the top. They do this as a friend and a supporter. It’s someone who can change the world one step at a time and shows them that anything is possible even when things get tough. You don’t give up and you keep going.


Kennya Carabarin: I want to change the salary and I want to make it optional to have one school day instead of two school days.

Urban Corps


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