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Inland Empire Location

"Hard work, low pay, miserable conditions ... and more!"


Photo from a field trip to ESRI!


Inland Empire Center Corpsmembers walk along the fire break of a controlled burn during fire training with the Bureau of Land Management.

“The Urban Corps Charter School has been an instrumental part of our mission, serving our Corpsmembers and providing an opportunity to advance their educational goals”. 


                                              - Rhody Soria, Director of Inland Empire Center

The California Conservation Corps (CCC) - a state agency - is the oldest and largest state conservation corps program in the nation.    From a small beginning, the CCC has grown to its current size with residential and nonresidential sites throughout the state.


Modeled after the original federal Civilian Conservation Corps created in 1933 by President Franklin Roosevelt, today's California program was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown on July 7, 1976. 


Located in San Bernardino County, the Inland Empire Center employs 95 nonresidential Corpsmembers. Crews and staff typically work a 10-hour day, Monday through Thursday, excluding spikes or emergencies. A “spike” is a project located at least two hours away from the base center and is typically in a remote area. Corpsmembers camp and work at these locations for eight straight days at a time.

The center serves the largest geographic area in the CCC, extending from Riverside and San Bernardino counties, east to the Arizona/Nevada borders, and north to Mono County and the Eastern Sierra.

The center’s facility is nestled adjacent to the Santa Ana River in a quiet commercial complex. The floor plan includes a classroom, computer lab, community room, and offices and space essential to the operation.

The 215 and 10 freeways are near the center, and the Ontario International Airport is 20 minutes away. The weather ranges from the low 40’s in the winter to triple digits in the summer. Spring and fall provide moderate temperatures.




March 2016 - District Director Rhody Soria with CCC and Urban Corps  Corpsmembers, joining Assemblymember Toni Atkins in Sacramento for the annual Corps Government Education Day.

"The best return for one year is to grow grains; The best return for ten years is to grow trees; The best return for a lifetime will be to educate people.”
~Chinese proverb (K'ung Fu-tzu & Guan Zhong)
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